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I give God all the praise and the Glory for this ministry at the Christle Lighthouse. He has done everything He said He would do. The Lord told me that this was the ministry for this generation and that He could provide for His perfect will to be done. I stand in awe of all the souls and babies that have been saved because of God’s Grace. (Psalm 23) (Rev. Elizabeth Sincavage)

? I have had the privilege of being one of the co-founders of the Christle Lighthouse. Over the last 10 years I have seen a tremendous outpouring of God’s love flow to all the clients that have walked through the doors of the Christle Lighthouse. God has truly touched and blessed many lives with His love, and saving Grace. I thank God that I am a part of this ministry, and that I am able to do my part in seeing that babies and mothers are saved from the horrors of abortion God is truly awesome, and I thank Him for this wonderful ministry. (Joanne Stella)

In following up with a client who received a positive test at our Center, she informed me that she was in the process of getting the baby’s room prepared. She stated that she was doing the baby boy’s room in lighthouses....”because you all told me to keep my baby.” This client was an abortion-minded client who changed her mind, and was decorating the baby’s room as a reminder of that, and the love and support she received from us! Glory to God! He is the light keeper, the shining beacon of the Christle Lighthouse!!! (Tracy Holland)

I’ve been blessed to receive ministry from the Christle Lighthouse. I’ve been a part of the Center for 9 years now. My life has been turned around from the day I met Ms. Elizabeth Sincavage. She encouraged me to give my child life instead of aborting it. From that day the pregnancy center has been a part of my family, and I’ve been blessed to receive items from the center for my baby. – (Kesha)

I heard about the Christle Lighthouse when I was about 9 weeks pregnant. I went to visit and the women there were very kind, generous, and had a lot of useful information, but most of all treated me like a person. I say this because not many people were very happy when I told them I was expecting. But when I walked into the Christle Lighthouse, they were like “Congratulations, how are you feeling?”, “When are you due?”, “Do you need anything?” These were things that a first-time mom should hear. They also gave me a feeling of what I was doing was right. My daughter Autumn Rose, was supposed to be born on Feb 7, 2005. She was born on Nov 6, 2004, weighing only 1lb. 5 oz.. She was 12 1/8 inches long. No one, not even the doctors thought she would make it. My precious Autumn is now almost 10 months old now and weighs almost 14 pounds, and is a little over 2 feet tall. Boy, what a personality she has! She is the funniest child I know. What a blessing the Lord above has given me. Actually, the Lord has blessed me again. I am expecting in late February ‘06’. I pray that this child is as perfect and beautiful as my little Autumn. I will always have Christle Lighthouse to thank for leading me in the right direction. (Destiny, Autumn, and New Baby)

The Center has been a blessing to me as I could reach out to so many with the love of Jesus at a crisis time in their life--sharing with the clients the truth of God’s love about the development of their baby, and the truth about abortion. This must be done because their moms and dads need to know “today is the day of salvation”. I pray many more in the body of Christ will get involved with this ministry so we together can reach many for Jesus. (Gloria)

At our volunteer cookout a woman who came as a guest of one of our volunteers was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She had 4 children. The volunteer who brought her was planning to adopt her children. We had prayer for her healing. On the way home the woman and volunteer both said they felt electricity going through their bodies during the prayer. A few weeks later the woman had a dream that an angel told her God was going to heal her. Praise God, and Bless His Holy Name, she is completely healed! Two tests have confirmed this miracle. Glory to God in the Highest! Jesus is the healer! Isaiah 53:5 (Rev. Elizabeth Sincavage)

Praise God! Not only is He a life-saver but a deliverer. In July a young lady called seeking an abortion. God prompted me to ask why she wanted an abortion. She said before she found out she was pregnant; she was drinking alcohol and smoking. I asked her what she was smoking. When she said “crack” something rose up in my spirit against the devil. I tried to calm down, but it rose up again, then I asked her did she want to be set free today? I began to pray in the anointing of the Holy Ghost. His spirit met us. She began to cry. She also gave her life to Jesus and said she was keeping her baby. God led me to pass a Christian addict program that day. I shared it with her and she is now attending it every Friday. She came in one day in August, and I shared about abstinence. While doing so, she started laughing. She said that she was laughing because her boyfriend gave her money to get a hotel so they could be together. Praise God, before she left she committed to abstinence.

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